The start of a beautiful journey

FQD represents your journey to healing. Through specific guided methods, you will discover how to tap into the Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Social well-being, by using your feminine and masculine energy. This method creates balance which will guide you in managing life’s day to day challenges.

“How is this possible you might ask?” Well, let me tell you how.

FQD will present in a physical form: Mental/Self-awareness Workshops | Spiritual Cleansing | Guided Meditation | Yoga

Zumba along with, New Life affirmations in a safe and social environment.

“This doesn’t sound too challenging right?” I didn’t think so!

Now, if you are ready to be authentically you in a safe environment free of shame, pain or fear then contact us today so you can embark on a wonderful experience while taking the first step on your journey to healing.

“FQD can be reached via Fb messenger and Instagram. Follow us on all social platforms on our journey to healing and becoming a better you.” 

“Together we take the first step”  

Back in 2017, our founders realized that people want the time and space to push pause on their daily routine. That is why during a pandemic 2020 Five Queens and a Dream was created, so our community of participants can self-reflect and reconnect with themselves in a beautiful and serene atmosphere.
Physical and mental wellbeing are of utmost importance to living a healthy life, and require practice and dedication. Our Spiritual Retreat provides the setting and guidance you need to strengthen your body, mind and soul.


Five Queens Dream is a mixer of the 5 complete and holistic ingredients of our life's development. That's the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social parts of us that makes us whole. Since we were taught to use both the divine feminine and masculine energy in all aspects of our lives to keep balance we host the retreats in the same manner. 

 To curate  retreats grounded in wellness and healing we want to use that time to dive in an intensive spiritual yoga retreat dedicated to black + brown women/men and their families.
Mainly in support of black + brown women and their allies whoever they maybe. We know just like there's a time a place for everything you do. There is also a time and place for the people around you too. 
So we curate the retreat to the needs of the women and the time of year and whats going on in the community, those who are entirely new to Yoga and for those that have a consistent practice. It is a setting where black + brown women can grow, practice, and learn Meditation + Yoga in a community environment + sanctuary. 

Most of the retreats is located outside, in the middle of nature, so that Black + Brown women may be able to connect with their minds, bodies, and spirits through their yoga and meditation practices. We always have meals and refreshments throughout the day and additional activities to enhance your daily routines. 

Did you know for many around the world more matter the race, religion or gender, Yoga is an ancient wellness practice?
Yes? So then, you also know Yoga is a calling that goes beyond our physical being; when we answer, we wake up and tend to tap into to our higher selves. 
Five Queens Dream Curated  Retreats will provide a sanctuary for a union of our bodies, minds, and spirits through the revolutionary practice of self-love.
We send you light and love, we welcome you.

Couple Meditating